Services We Provide

The most important service we provide is training. Without training there is not a solution. When solutions and training are combined the organization becomes self-sufficient and improved and a sustainable solution is achieved. The following are areas that we provide solutions for:

  • Preparing for A-133 audits and audit liaison.  We have over 20 years experience performing A-133 audits. We truly understand what the auditors need which has resulted in more efficient audits and fewer findings.
  • Implementation of fund accounting software.  We have been there and done it for many organizations. We strive for the development of an accounting system that is unique for each organization's needs.
  • Hands-on accounting assistance with year-end closing and other accounting maters. We can help you "catch up" and get your accounting information current. Current audit standards restrict the services that your auditor can perform. Our Firm bridges this situation and provides the year-end fiscal closing and preparation for the annual audit.
  • Drafting of GASB compliant financial statements.  Current Government Auditing Standards requires the organization to have the knowledge to either draft or approve the drafting of the financial statements. Often organizations are asked questions about the financial statements and are unable to provide a timely response because they do not understand the financial statements. Our Firm becomes an integral part of the yearend financial reporting process.
  • Effective presentation of financial information to Council and Boards. We understand that may individuals in policy positions do not have a financial background. We look at it as our responsibility to present financial information to these leaders in a way that is understandable and relevant. Often handing out a formal financial statement and going over it line by line only results in glazed eyes. Our goal is to determine what information is needed ahead of time and develop a presentation strategy that is clear and to the point.
  • Preparation and negotiation of indirect cost rate proposals. We believe in the negotiation of indirect rates, not simply providing the negotiators the information they need to give you the lowest recovery possible. We work for the Tribal organization and desire to negotiate a rate that satisfies the organization's indirect strategy.
  • Enterprise feasibility studies.  We have been providing accounting services to Tribal enterprises for many years. We truly understand the businesses that we provide studies for. We provide an objective evaluation of the development idea. Whether the development pencils out or does not you will get an informed study.
  • Policies and procedures review and improvement. Relevant policies and procedures are the back bone of an organization. However, once the procedures have been developed they are often put on a shelf and not updated to meet the organization's changing needs. Policies should be dynamic and changed timely. We also believe that an organization should have an ongoing training and evaluation process to make the procedures in integral part of the organization's philosophy.
  • Interim Chief Fiscal Officer and Controller. From time to time organizations are in need of an interim CFO Controller to fill a position in transition or to train a new recruit. We have seasoned staff that is able to fill this need.
  • Resolving audit findings with granting agencies. From time to time oversight agencies perform compliance reviews or follow-up on audit findings. The process of resolving the issues can, at times be overwhelming to an organization. We work through the issues to minimize the financial exposure to the organization. Our staff have worked for the Federal Government and understand the resolution process on both the government and organization sides.